Real Estate Aspen Springs, Colorado is about 10 miles west from Pagosa Springs downtown.

Aspen Springs (in the unincorporated area of Pagosa Springs) is reportedly the largest subdivision (as measured by land area ) in Colorado. 

The first thing to know about purchasing in Aspen Springs is most properties do not have wells and none have city water. It is very common to use cisterns which are filled by hauling water in from county-provided filling stations. The cost of the water is negligible for the homeowner who has a tank and a truck to fetch the water. Water haulers will bring water in at a reasonable price. Wells are not often drilled because it is so much cheaper to haul water than drill. Most wells find sulphur water and do not produce sweet water. Sulphur water is not potable but can be used for washing clothes and bathing. Local well drillers can install a water filtration system that makes the water drinkable to all but the discriminating palette. The local grocery store sells distilled water at reasonable prices.

Electricity, propane, telephone, DSL are readily available for most lots. Cell service is non-existent at present. A new tower is under construction and will be online in mid-2012. Septic tanks are the only way to handle sewage and are easily installed. The roads are maintained by a local homeowners association. The expense is collected through real estate taxes rather than homeowner dues.

Land can be purchased at a very reasonable price. One and two acre lots start at $10,000 without utilities. Nicer lots with some amenities might run $20,000 to $50,000. In this season of reduced prices it is more expensive to build than it is to buy an existing home. However, if you want land as a vacation home where you can camp during the summer, Aspen Springs is the place. 

Aspen Springs is a wonderful place to live for the person who desires mountain living with fewer regulations. The area is served with dirt roads carved into a heavily wooded forest with mountain tops peeking out. It is the equivalent of a campground setting. The historical lack of land zoning and enforcement has drawn people who need an affordable place to live. Many people live on their property in a mobile home and build their house with cash over a span of many years. It is common to find a mobile home with junk cars scattered about next to a property with a beautiful stick-built home. For many this is a charming enigma. 

To the people who call Aspen Springs home it is an area of freedom, personal expression, planted within a natural setting where one can live as they want. These are genuine mountain folk with no pretense.